Docker Goes Mainstream

At the end of last month the Docker for Mac Beta became generally available. Besides the Mac availability Docker is now also available for Windows. So has it gone mainstream with this release?

Reality Check

Docker has come out of being a thing nobody knows a few years ago to a thing everyone has at least heard of in a way today.

If people in the enterprise are beginning to talk about you know that Docker has left the Trough of Disillusionment long before 1.12 already.

Even Pokemon bots now come fully equipped and ready to go using Docker. I bet that has led some people to install Docker as well.

And for the enterprise? Docker has been partnering with Microsoft to bring Docker to Azure and Windows.

Docker Runs Production Apps

The Docker survey 2016 (done with only little over 500 participants) done by Docker was quite interesting. Putting aside the marketing slides, a lot of people interested in or running Docker in some way are already running it in production.

And why wouldn't they? It's easy and easily portable. And with the advent of container orchestration in 1.12 more and more applications will rely on automatic scaling and swarm management using only Docker engine.

What's Next?

Looking at the current roadmap 1.12 seems to be a major milestone with housekeeping coming up in the next releases.

We'll see what 2017 holds for Docker. Certainly a more stable foray into the Windows world (with Microsoft's nanoserver and windowsservercore images).

Given my own experience with Docker the adoption will only grow in the coming months and next year.