On Blogging

I started blogging again. But why? And why now?


The last time I wrote a blog was in 2006. I was still enrolled at the university back then and I had a lot of time on my hands. Ideal conditions for creating - or so I thought. But like some things back then, it died pretty quickly. Social media came and gone was the need for a blogging platform for me.

Like some before and many after me I took the train down Facebook lane and while there are still some mysteries left to solve, I think I am pretty much done with the concept of putting my stuff inside of any of the walled gardens that compete for our intellectual property.

So why now? There are lots of opportunities to share stories, but I have to say I really feel like I miss writing again. Especially writing about things that I care about.

So this is it, the simple reason to start again.

And here is what it's all about...

This blog is mainly about the wonderful art of creating software for people. I like the fact that it has so many interesting technological as well as social aspects.

But as this is my personal blog it will also be about travelling, a tiny fruit company, the world of food and music among things. So just tag along and see if you discover something interesting.